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Brent Mendenhall

George W. Bush


Brent Mendenhall is in demand as a "George W. Bush" double in TV, films, corporate meetings and political gatherings. Brent has appeared on The George Lopez Show, Jay Leno's Tonight Show, X-Files, JAG, Hollywood Squares, Animal Planet and Jon Stewart's Daily Show among others. He has done international television work as well including Double Take on BBC which won the British equivalent of an American Emmy. The Washington D.C. Times says, "Mendenhall is widely recognized as the first and most famous 'Dubya' double." Brent is in such demand that he has recently been used by Reel to Real Productions LTD, Top Lookalikes for a made for television movie in Egypt.

To complement his natural talents, Brent has pursued training and experience in stand-up comedy, narration and dialect. The look and voice combined transform Brent into the President of the United States. Since the election, Brent has appeared all across the United States, as well as, many international venues.

Many of his appearances include an entrance with "Secret Service" and "Hail to the Chief" music, followed by a 20 to 25 minute humorous speech and a meet and greet with souvenir photos.

Brent is based in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Here's what people are saying about Brent Mendenhall:
Los Angeles Times - "Mendenhall was on a roll at the Reel Awards!"
Larry King, CNN (In New Hampshire) - "I interviewed the Texas Governor two nights ago. You look a lot like him!"
New York Post - "Brent was turning heads and raising eyebrows at the Democratic National Convention!"
Regis Philbin, Regis and Kelly Live - "It's uncanny how much Brent looks like President Bush."
Have a look at Brent's appearances list!

Recent Look-alike Industry Awards:
2002, 2003, 2004 IGCITA Best Historical Impersonator - IGCITA is the leading professional association of lookalikes, show producers and booking agents. Brent's industry peers voted him the best 3 years in a row.
2004 Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Lookalikes Mirror Image Award - Brent's industry peers voted him as "naturally looking the most like the celebrity represented" from a field of nearly 100 look-alikes.
If you're going to the time and expense of having a Presidential look-alike at your event, why not get the original and the best? Unlike others, who are part-timers with a few appearances here and there, Brent does this full time for a living and has had nearly 200 paid performances. Look closely at the publicity photos. If the look is not nearly perfect, you may be disappointed when you see the look-alike in person. Brent's humorous political speech has been honed with 4 years of experience and is guaranteed to have your audience laughing!

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